Sexual health survey visualized (sorry to those it offends!)

FlowingData posted this data ages ago, and it’s taken me a really long time to put in the effort to visualizing it. I wasn’t happy with any of the graphs that people had created since my main interest was comparing acts between genders, for different age groups. The data comes from Indiana University who asked over 5000 people if they engaged in behaviour X over the past year. Because of this, the obvious under or overreporting issue isn’t there (the percentages don’t have to be the same), but I’m sure that it is anyway.

Hopefully the acts, which you can view graphs for by clicking on the box on the left, are explanatory enough (and not offensive for anyone). I grouped them by gender and age. I cut out the ONE act which only applies to one gender which was “inserting penis in anus” but for everything else you can see that most acts would inherently encompass both straight and gay populations.

PS: if you get an error when you try to load just wait a second and do it again. Also it’s better if you then click “Full screen” to view it that way.

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